Flat Iron has always been about looking after people. Guests, team, our passionate producers, but also the wider world. My wife Sophie (of salad fame) first suggested that not only should we put a small optional donation onto guests’ bills but that Flat Iron should contribute as well. The 10p’s that our guests contribute are now made up to 40p out of Flat Iron profits (well over 10% of our profits), and all those 40p’s have added up. As of August 2019 we have made donations of over £1 million to charity.

 We thought that this milestone was a good point to build on what we do and, to this end, we have set up a registered charity, the Flat Iron Fund, to help distribute the cash raised in the restaurants. To date all funds raised have been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support to help with the amazing work they do. Going forward we want to support a wider range of good causes including charities focussing on child hunger and on preserving our planet for future generations. 

 For this first year, we have selected Bread and Water for Africa as our lead charity who will receive the majority of donations. They provide food, education and healthcare to some of Africa's most deprived and vulnerable children. Food and medicine that will undoubtably mean the difference between life and death for some. They are a small, efficient charity who work with long established and trusted local partners. Our donations will impact the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise be sick, hungry and lacking a basic education.

 Our second principal charity this year will be Cool Earth. We are all becoming more and more aware of climate change and we are conscious that beef production is part of the story. It is worth noting that not all beef is produced in the same way, and much of the negative press that has come out about beef and its impact on carbon levels involves Brazilian beef reared on pastures that were once rainforest. Flat Iron do not and will never use this beef. That said, there is a carbon impact from the beef that we do use and we want to acknowledge this and act to try and more than offset any negative impact we have. We aim that through our work with Cool Earth that Flat Iron will be a carbon negative business, including more than offsetting the carbon footprint of all the beef production that supports the business. Cool Earth work alongside rainforest communities in 3 continents to halt deforestation and climate change. 

 Also, every year the Fund will ask each member of the Flat Iron team to nominate a registered charity to which the Fund will donate £100 on their behalf.

 If you have any suggestions for the future or just feel excited about this and have some ideas then please let us know; we would love to hear from you.

Charlie Carroll – Founder and CEO of Flat Iron Steak Limited




At Bread and Water for Africa UK, we believe that no child should be too hungry to learn, play and grow. We provide food, education and healthcare to some of Africa's most vulnerable children.



Cool Earth is a non-profit organisation working alongside communities in the Peruvian, Papua New Guinean and Congo rainforests to prevent deforestation and to maintain biodiversity and carbon storage levels.